LOFO sustainable fashion brands Made in London

Sustainability Charter

LOFO goes by common sense but strict sustainability rules. True sustainability is not a mere declaration or just using organic fabrics, it often involves taking an all-round approach and being honest about all the parts of your business. 

Concentrating efforts around this charter makes us one of London’s sustainable fashion brands.


The fabrics LOFO uses are always holding OEKO-TEX certification that assured that they were manufactured properly and dyed without harmful chemical compounds. When possible, the preference for fabrics is always organic. When buying organic, the fabrics are also checked for resource consumption. Organic sometimes means more resources like water and CO2 emissions were involved in the production process, so making sure that organic truly means more sustainable is one of the priorities we undertake.

Logistics & transport / Made on-shore

Currently, all LOFO products are made in the UK, in house in our workshop in London or with our local production partners.  

Transport and logistics are often the main contributors towards carbon emissions. We take those down to a minimum by always producing on-shore and reducing transport costs and distances as much as possible.

Shipping green is available for international orders via DHL.

Traceability & transparency

LOFO does its best to purchase fabrics and trims with a high degree of traceability and certifications attesting to their quality. 

Our model is direct-to-consumer, our pricing is determined strictly by our production costs and doesn’t involve the cost of any middleman.

Wear and tear

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is how long the garment will last. We aim to make garments that last at least 2 years with regular wear and tear. 

Making timeless garments, both aesthetically and technically, is one of our top concerns.

Human&animal welfare

Manufacturing items ALWAYS takes into consideration human and animal welfare. We never use furs or down products that involved animal suffering. 

The leather we source for our future products is mycotic leather (yes, made from mushrooms). 

Our production team is always well taken care of, regularly asked about mental health concerns as well as the meaningfulness they feel related to their job. 

LOFO space

The LOFO production space is a place of development and outward facing improvement. 

We work with the community surrounding the space as much as possible. As of June ’21 our production is handled by Making for Change, who provide accessible fashion programmes predominantly for women from marginalised community groups and female ex-offenders.