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Lofo is a trans-seasonal brand. This collection was released post-lockdown and it is not tied to fashion week schedule.


Freedom. Love. Forever.

Last months [team] took a long look back. Tough as it is, the whole fashion industry is changing. There is a lot of inertia to go back. [team] wants none of that. Right now all production is moving to London. All clothing will be made in-house. This is a big change, but big changes must happen.

The first edit after lockdown is a mirror experience of that new landscape that is developing around us. This is the new clothing, new people and new LOFO.

All content made by models guided by self expression. If anything, let’s take a step back and figure out how to make this simpler. More thrilling. Like it means something. 

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All pieces available on pre-order.
Orders will be charged only once the product is shipped.

Delivery throughout September & October, in the order they were placed.
Weekly updates on all orders and direct contact for sizing & fit.

Gartruche with
LOFO 3 Pocket Vest
LOFO Plush Wear Duo
LOFO Hooded Long Raincoat

Shot in London

Sema-Tawi with
LOFO Canvas Apron
LOFO Latex Long Coat
LOFO Latex Bucket Hat

Shot in London

Miya with
LOFO Knitted Biker Shorts
LOFO Windbreaker Jacket
LOFO Latex Vest

Shot in Manchester

Bel with
LOFO Canvas Moth Sleeve Jacket
LOFO Waist Strap Wide Trousers

Shot in London

Yota with
LOFO Canvas Bucket Hat
LOFO Oversized Sweatshirt
LOFO Canvas Shorts

Shot in London

Shot in London

Joe with
LOFO Wool Blazer with Wide Lapels
LOFO Pleated Wool Trousers

Unknown with
Upcycled Crochet Balaclava

This LOFO edit was made through lockdown. The latex pieces are a testament to the effort of imperfect protection. All content generated by real people with minimal direction. Please observe their interpretation.  
All orders will be processed and manufactured in the new LOFO space in Poplar, London. 


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