About LOFO

LOFO is trans-seasonal and unisex. Clothing is made outside of the official fashion schedule. Fit is made with attention to versatility of the human body. Price structure is transparent and visible on each product page. Sustainability is a continuous effort as detailed in the sustainability charter. Made in London and Romania.

Clothing starts off as blocks. The blocks are cut around the edges. Precise measurements make the blocks stand close to your body. Binding blocks gives you the organic shape of humans.


Temperatures determine between 1 and 4 seasons, depending on location. Commercially each sun cycle can have a staggering amount of 52 seasons. 

Transparent pricing

Production costs are determined at market value and measure the subjective worth of material factors used in the process of building clothing.


“By buying you don’t just gain, you transform.”



LOFO is a collection of built garments. On top of the simple organised model, experiments in regular clothing are made to regularly test social and commercial outcomes.

Love Force

Self explanatory concept.


Started in Dec. 2017 by design duo A & S, LOFO keeps true to its initial idea of finding new ways to approach the fashion industry.

A. G., S. D.
via Bucharest