About LOFO

LOFO is defined by an elevated roughness and the sense of an optimistic future.

Combining an artisanal approach with a technological edge and first principle thinking, LOFO’s commitment is to create clothing that evades the predatory practices of contemporary fashion and builds on the spirit of the wearer.

Our customer is interested in the mood, the shape, the quality, the detail, the meaning of the clothing and the culture that surrounds it, rather than vanity and seasonal trends.


LOFO is trans-seasonal and unisex. Clothing is made outside of the official fashion schedule. Fit is made with attention to versatility of the human body. Sustainability is a continuous effort as detailed in the sustainability charter. Made in London.


“By buying you don’t just gain, you transform.”


Love Force

Our Source of Energy.


Started in Dec. 2017 by design duo A & S, LOFO keeps true to its initial idea of finding new ways to approach the fashion industry.

A. G., S. D.
via Bucharest