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Introducing the

School of Product

We are opening up our doors to host a pioneering 6 months long sewing and fashion management course. 

Learn how to sew professionally, how to build a garment, how to digitally edit patterns and the ins and outs of running a fashion company.

The founders, team, and guests will cover bi-weekly sessions in groups of 5. All equipment provided. 

On location in East London. Suitable and tailored to all levels.

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What you'll learn

How much will it cost

The 6 months, bi-weekly programme costs £1,799

We offer significant discounts for students and applicants from underprivileged backgrounds. A 25% is payable after confirming registration. The course can be paid in full, or in monthly installments. All fabrics, trims and hardware covered, as well as lifetime access to digital course materials.

Who is LOFO

We are a London-based unisex trans-seasonal clothing company. Our clothing is manufactured in our workshop in East London. We handle all product-cycle operations, from sourcing to garment manufacturing to online sales.

The founders of the company, Ana & Steph, and a young team of driven professionals are here to show you (almost) all the tricks they’ve learned over the years.

How this course is different

Our approach to fashion is different from most traditional brands. The School of Product is also different in that respect. 

Most brands don’t produce in-house or outside the fashion seasons. You will be offered an overview of common practices related to outsourced manufacturing and selling through buyers but that is not the core of the course.

You will instead get your hands dirty and learn about how to make and market garments that you can sell directly to customers. 

Why are we starting the School

At LOFO we’re constantly improving on the way clothing is made and presented. That’s what allows us to produce in London. We believe in the ethos of making your own things. Under your own rules.

Starting out in fashion has been a complex journey. It was filled with lots of pitfalls and things we got wrong. Overcoming those things led us to where we are. We learned a lot along the way. Our team and process grew stronger. 

Of course, learning about those things earlier would have proven invaluable. It would have saved us a lot of time and material resources. 

The fashion landscape is shifting very fast at the moment. There are many things that were true a couple of years ago that are now being invalidated.

There is no one true way of building a fashion company. But there is a mindset that you can set yourself up for to be able to handle all the challenges that will come at you.

Working with people eager to know how we do things and how the team works are a couple of our deepest desires. 

If you’ve been looking for a place like this, pre-register and wait for further news.

Virtual Showroom

Our Virtual Showroom, active during lockdown 2020. View the archive footage >

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