Windbreaker Jacket


Water repellent windbreaker jacket. Lined with cotton poplin. Hood with brand straps. Pockets on both sides, double entry. Brand snap closure.


Delivery on all pre-orders will start start at the end of September. Orders will be charged when product is shipped. 


Transparent Pricing

Traditional retail jacks up production costs 5-6x to produce the final price. What’s worse is you never know where that money goes.

LOFO is among the first brands in the world to practice a transparent policy where we show all costs involved in the product and markups from 1.5-4x. All pieces are produced in limited batches. Here are all the actual costs:

Windbreaker Jacket








Transport & Packing


Usual Retail Price


Lofo Price


Orders & returns

For size or model exchanges LOFO will handle all the fees for the return + transport of your new item. Definitive returns are reimbursed, without the cost of transport.

Free UK delivery. All international orders are shipped with DHL. Europe in 1-2 Days, Japan 1-2 Days, Worldwide in 4-7 Days. 

All LF pieces feature sturdy sewing. We give a standard 1 year warranty for the products. If by any chance the seams break (hey, we’re human) you can return it and we’ll send it back as new.

Miya Ocego, Manchester.

Made in LDN

From 2020 on all LOFO production is moving to London. All products will be made in-house, in Poplar, helping the local community as much as possible and establishing the base for on-shore production.

Trans Seasonality

In an effort to circumvent the usual practices of the fashion industry LOFO does not follow the regular season schedule. The pieces come out on a regular basis, at a pace that is sustainable.


There are several facets of sustainability and they all have to be taken into account. The team continuously improves all pillars of sustainable production, as detailed in the Sustainability Charter.

Unisex Fit

All LOFO clothing stays away from the backwards looking menswear/ womenswear paradigm. The clothing is made for body shapes, not preconceived aesthetics. 

Ordering from LOFO

All orders are placed in production as they are made for new releases. Avoiding overstock is a top priority. 
Once your order is placed it will take up to 3 weeks for it to be delivered. LOFO customers receive updates throughout this time and the team is a message away at any moment for any concerns about the order.

Sizing & Radical Production

One of the goals of assuring in-house production is to be able to radically change the process of making clothing. 
All orders are open ended and you can, as a customer, at this point talk about custom sizing with the LOFO team. Several other customisations will be possible in the near future.

Virtual Showroom

Visit the Virtual showroom for all currently available pieces and new additions.

FREE DHL SHIPPING OVER £150. Worldwide delivery. 楽しんで。

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Calculating Shipping
Shipping costs are calculated on the website automatically during Checkout based on the weight of the items you are purchasing. 

Free shipping over £150

Delivery Time
United Kingdom, France: Next day
Mainland Europe: 1 Business Day
Japan: 1-2 Business days
US: 1-2 Business days
Australia: 3-4 Business days
Other regions: 3-7 Business days
NOTE: On products that have are not in stock and ordered on demand add an average production time of 5-7 business days.

Returns are easy. You just ask us to return your product via the return form OR mail us at [email protected]

In 1-2 Business days we arrange for a courier to come pick up your package.

Please shop responsibly and do not purchase our products for photoshoots or just to try them on with the aim to return later. Apart from our cash flow, you’re also not contributing to general sustainability. We are available anytime for any requests of that sort.

Estimate Sizing
145-155cm – 45-50kg – Size XS
155-160cm – 50-55kg – Size S
160-170cm – 55-65kg – Size M
170-180cm – 65-75kg – Size L
180cm+ – 75kg+ – Size XL
*these are only estimates, please get in touch for more specific sizing as we’re more than happy to help.

Custom sizing
LOFO can also slightly modify orders to suit your body type. Click below to send us a message and we’ll get back the same day.

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