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No pouch

Simple design for tucking in. Enforcing the idea that our customers don’t aspire to being marsupials.

Thick fabric

Warm thick cotton with a dash of poly to counter fabric pilling. Guaranteed warmness.

Fine-tuned construction

Dropped shoulders, cropped length, and proportions adjusted to the ideal boxy fit.

Made in London

Produced in East London, delivered worldwide.

Love Force.

With Love.


Box cut.

Simple construction.

Thick Fabric.

Doubled Hood.

Superior fit.

Size Guide

Length (front) 22.4in | 57cm
Shoulders 22.8in | 58cm
Chest 45.6in | 116cm
Sleeve 22.4in |57cm
Bottom hem 37in | 94cm

Length (front) 22.8in | 58cm
Shoulders 22.8in | 58cm
Chest 47.2in | 120cm
Sleeve 22.8in |58cm
Bottom hem 44.8in | 114cm

Length (front) 23.6in | 60cm
Shoulders 25in | 64cm
Chest 49in | 126cm
Sleeve 23.6in |60cm
Bottom hem 43.3in | 110cm

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Where is it made?

East London

Fabric sourced sustainably

from Europe.


Worldwide in 10 days.

Thank you for trusting LOFO.

We make quality clothing in London. LOFO started in 2017, when we opened our pop up store on Hackney Road. LOFO stands for Love Force. 

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